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About Nixon Clarity

Nixon Clarity has been providing business advisory services across Australian since 2006. Nixon Clarity has a trading name of Better Managed Pty Ltd ABN: 24 119 220 085. We operate out of Sydney, Forster and Coolangatta, but can provide onsite services across Australia.

Nixon Clarity is prequalified under NSW Governments SCM0005 Pre-qualification Scheme: Performance and Management Services.

About Nixon Clarity

David Nixon is the founder and principal of Nixon Clarity. David Nixon has been helping organisations realise their potential for nearly 20 years. David has the skill and experience both as the owner of his own consulting business and as someone who has been around small businesses his entire life to help see you to the next level of growth.

David has had 30 years’ engineering management experience across multinationals, utilities, councils, small businesses and start-ups in numerous roles including director, board advisor, chief executive, chief operating officer, consultant, and business advisor.

David is also the author of “Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth” 10 Growth Roadblocks Every Business Manager Must Know to Achieve Their Success. He has worked with SME’s, Family Business and Governments to unleash business growth by addressing the roadblocks.

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  • How to navigate the more elusive roadblocks that you need to overcome to move forward
  • How growth phases can actually be a dangerous time when it comes to the long-term health of a company
  • How to more effectively recognise, quantify and address inefficiencies in your organisation
  • The crucial differences between working AT your business and working ON your business
  • How to properly deploy your tools, technology and people whilst executing strategies
Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth Book

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