Advisory as a Service

Flexibility is important in modern business. NixonClarity can provide services as a one off or an ongoing services. By the hour, the project or however suits your business. 

  • Short term consultations (30Mins – 60Mins)
  • Half day workshops
  • Strategic Change Programme
  • Business, Projects and Commercial Health Checks

Business Growth Advisory

When you’re spending all your time working in the business, you sometimes need some support to work on the business. Executive level staff can be expensive and are rarely needed full time. NixonClarity can support you on advisory, project or mentoring in roles in many ways including;

  • Corporate Business Planning and Restructure
  • Facilitation of workshops and improvement programmes
  • Strategic Change Management programmes
  • Corporate, Audit and Governance Support
  • Business, Projects and Commercial Health Checks

Business Services Support

NixonClarity can aid Scale-up businesses which are undergoing phases of significant change. These organisations need to ensure that the development of corporate and business systems occurs at the same pace as the products and services. These might include;

  • General Board and Secretarial Services
  • Business, Customer & Marketing Support
  • Corporate, Audit and Governance Support
  • Business Plans & Performance Alignment
  • Commercial & Project Management Support

Business System Development

Nearly all businesses require an update or refresh of our business systems from time to time. NixonClarity can provide many business systems including;

  • Governance and Business Frameworks
  • Strategic Asset Management Frameworks and Plans
  • Intergrated Management Frameworks eg WHS, QA & Enviro
  • Portfolio, Project & Contract Management Systems

NSW Government Pre-Qualification

NixonClarity is prequalified under NSW Government SCM0005 – Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services.

David Nixon our principal is prequalified as a audit & risk committee member under the NSW Governments Pre-qualification Scheme for Audit and Risk Committee Independent Chairs and Member


SOC Capability Statement (pdf)

Water Industry Capability Statement (pdf)

Government Capability Statement (pdf)