19 September 2016

Thursday I was proud to sponsor a technical session with the Australian Water Association on Asset Management. It included presentations from Sydney Water, MidCoast Water and Pure Technologies.

Both Sydney Water and MidCoast Water have developed Asset Management frameworks based on the Institute of Asset Management landscape (GFMAM) approach. This provides the ability to define what asset management means to an organisation and how it will delivery it.

Sydney Water are using the GFMAM to embed their customers at the centre of their asset management efforts, in line with their strategic plan. MidCoast Water on the other hand is using GFMAM to document and improve their asset management maturity.

Both these organisations are delivering ISO 55000 complying systems, though they do not see the need to seek certification. Additionally, both organisations are utilising the Water Services Association of Australia “Asset Management Customer Value” (AMCV) maturity model.

Pure technologies presented a case study based on a Queensland Urban Utilities project where extensive asset condition on a pipe asset, pasts its end of life date, resulted in major refurbishment as opposed to replacement. This represented significant saving and highlighting that the end of life needs to be assessed and just not assumed.

All organisations both big and small can benefit from having an Asset Management Framework in place and ensuring all the decision to replace are based on scientific and engineering evidence.

NixonClarity www.nixonclarity.com was proud to sponsor this event and support the industry with Asset Management Services. David Nixon david@nixonclarity.com 0419156986.