The Australian Water Industry will undertake substantial change prior to 2050 due to the effects of technological advancement.  A 2050 Technology Roadmap needs to be developed for the Australian Urban Water Industry to assist leaders with long-term decisions.

Australian Urban Water service providers have long been seen as a risk-averse, with slow technology take-up. They have justifiable concerns over creating stranded assets, vendor lock, lack of flexibility and the direction of technology. This is based on decisions having a life of 15-20 years, due to the replacement cycle of mechanical, electrical and ICT equipment.

Currently, the sector has a wide variety of providers frustrated that innovations are met with resistance and rejection. Most current innovations are vender lead and the service providers lack a roadmap. That can make them more comfortable in what the industry may look like past the current generation. Recently work has been completed on improving the technological maturity of urban water service providers. But it fails to establish a longer-term focus.

By looking at technology advancements in other industries and technology predictions, we can predict the technologies available to the industry. By looking at the current service provision models, previous and current take-up trends we can predict the level of advancement.

It is intended to validate the technology roadmap across both the water and technologies sectors and develop a tool that can provide leaders confidence in longer-term technology decisions.

Key Questions

Key questions to be considered:

  • Australian Urban Water Industry in 2050?
  • The likely available technology available in 2050?
  • Risks and issues associated with the adoption of this technology?
  • Adoption of technology will be required by the Urban Water industry prior to 2050?
  • Pathways needed to be taken by the urban water industry to take advantage of the available technology in 2050?



I am seeking industry partners, with an interest in technology and water to assist me in this effort. I am happy to get your thoughts, reference to work undertaken in the past or your assistance. If you have an interest feel free to reach out to me at or 0419156985.