Business Health Checks will lead to success


When was the last time you undertook a business health check? They are an important tool both for large business, business units and even for small business. They allow you to focus on working on the business as opposed to working in the business.

The key areas covered in the “Business Health Check” normally include;

  • Business Model Mapping
  • Defining business proposition
  • 2018 Successes
  • Key Industry Issues
  • TOWS Assessment
  • Business Systems Health
  • Environmental Trends
  • 2019 Objectives and Initiatives
  • Key Success Factors

Last week I presented a breakfast “Business Health Check” workshop for a local business chamber. Normally I run these workshops for business and business groups over a four-hour period which ensures everyone gains an in-depth assessment of their business. This session was done over a 40 mins breakfast session with great feedback from the participants.

The breakfast session got the thought processes going in all the participants and is a worthwhile activity within teams in large organisations and business organisations in smaller organisations.

Recent Articles

When you started your business, you likely had an idea of what the future could look like and saw the direction it would take. Most people’s visions don’t turn out exactly as planned, but you tweak along the way and continue toward a prosperous future.

The question is: Have you adequately imparted that vision to your employees, and do they have a grasp of how the organisation is supposed to get there?

We all know our traditional competitors, but there is a rise in non-traditional competitors that can pose a risk to your business. Do you know the real threats to your business?
Obviously, a business owner or senior manager cannot change what the competition is doing, but they can minimise their risk by figuring out what the consequences will be and knowing how resilient they are when it comes to adjusting their sails in order to mitigate damage.

I was recently asked for one piece of advice that I hope people would take from my book. My answer “take time out to smell the roses!”

Well not actually the roses, but you need to be able to step out of your business for long enough to think and challenge your business.

This can be hard to do when working 24/7 and hence for many business leaders the Christmas break is a great time to challenge their business. While that is in the past, its still not too late to get some planning in for the year.


Whilst I work individually with clients on their business clarity and growth, I also through my company offer a wide range of business support services.  Some of these include;

  • Business and Project Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning, Workshops and Implementation
  • Event Management and Inbound Corporate Tourism
  • Organisational Secretaire Services (Event, Members, Brand and Support Services)
  • Establishment of Start-Up Companies

Reach out today and see how we can assist you. The website can give you more information.

As you might know my book “Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth ” is hot off the press! Its aimed at Founders, Managing Directors and CEO’s of successful business experiencing growth roadblocks.

If this is you, as a Christmas present, I’d love to offer you a FREE copy. (BTW it’s a real book, with paper and all) This easy-to-read book provides stories based on my observations and years of experience, research, and insights into companies that are experiencing growth roadblocks.

To receive your FREE copy of “Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth” click here:If you read the book and it connects with you, I will be offering free consultations across January 2019 to help your business grow.

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