We all watched the failure of the Liberal Party in Wentworth this weekend. We all have our views on why this occurred.

• The continuation of noise from the right of the party.
• The lack of stability on the Liberal & National Party leadership
• The disposal of Malcolm Turnball from the role of Prime Minister and his following resignation.
• The failure to address centre issues such as climate change

Some of these issue may be true and others may be perceived. Malcolm Turnball was once quoted on climate change saying, “It didn’t matter if it was true or not,, the fact that it was perceived meant we needed to deal with it.”

But what can our business learn from this?

• Our clients don’t like instability. Promising one thing and than failing to delivery is a guarantee of failure.
• Our clients like to know who they are dealing with. They knew the previous leader, but didn’t have time to understand the knew one. The change of leadership needs to be well planned, communicated and will take time.
• Our clients understand trends and impacts such as climate change and expect business to take a leadership role in addressing these.

I could nominate who I think our great business leaders are and those who are failing us, but not only would end up in arguments but likely in court as well. We though can see poor leadership from the banks, insurers and religious institutions as a result of the royal commissions.

Most of our SME’s though will never have the spotlight put on them like the Political Parties, Banks, Insurers and Religious Institutions. But ask yourself what if it happened? How would we look? Self reflection is always a good activity for any business leader.

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David Nixon is Director, Advisor, Author and Entrepreneur and recognised as Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers For SME’s.