Workplaces will change forever due to COVID19

With the current level of self-isolation brought by COVID19, working from home and social distancing we are going to see long term changes to the way we do business.

Let’s look at the huge increase in video conferences and online learning. Companies, Governments and Universities that have only investigated and undertaken pilots are now using the technology as part of the way they do business. Once this is over in 2-6 months, will they revert to the way they used to do it? Or will they have made the technology jump?

With many workplaces working from home, IT departments are quickly working on getting VPN’s and other remote access devices up to speed. The Business Continuity Plans (BCP’s) may have assumed everyone working from home, but this is one of the first times they have been tested and many are failing. At the end of the event, they will be well established.



One of the biggest weaknesses with cybersecurity is remote access and staff working from home. It is highly likely that both criminal and state actors will see the current situation as prime pickings. Businesses will need to increase their cyber awareness and tools to address this increased risk.

With workplaces being a considerable business expense, will businesses change their permanent office presence and increase the use of remote workers?

Many businesses do not have the capacity or cash flow to remain in business after a 2-6 month downturn. We are going to see only the strong and those with deep pockets survive.

Companies, organisations and governments need to be reviewing their strategic plans now and highlight the risks and opportunities moving forward. Some of the current ground rules will have changed, some of your customers and supply chain may no longer exist.

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