Talking Energy & Environment

Talking Energy & Environment


This afternoon, I will be a co-host of the Coalition for Conservations event on “Energy and the Environment” with special guest Matt Kean MP, NSW Minister for Environment and Energy.

Our Coalition for Conservation approach is to attempt to remove ideology and personalities out of debates. And to talk about hard issues based on facts and challenging questionable claims.

Today’s event will bring together an explorer in Tim Jarvis, who has explored Antarctica following Shackleton’s adventures and seeing firsthand had the effect of global warming.  (This I am interested in having previous spent time down south).

We bring in John Grimes, CEO of Smart Energy Council, fighting for good policy in energy. We all wish to know what this looks like. And finally the Minister with the responsibility to bring it all together in NSW.

It is important that we continue to have conversations on issues that we are passionate and/or concerned about. But while we are having these conversations, we need to keep them factual and ensure both sides of the conversations are listened too.

Listening is a skill that is sadly missing in our society. The old concept of debate has been replaced with shouting loudly and refusing to listen to others with different views.

To get into the parliament house we will need to pass through the protesters on the changes to the NSW Abortion Laws. That’s why parliament is a perfect location to hold these events.

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