Business and Workshop Facilitation

Business and Workshop Facilitation in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Nixon Clarity provides a wide range of facilitation options, including easily-accessible remote or onsite workshops for the development of strategic reviews, strategic plans and business plans for organisations of every size and type.

Business Health Check

When was the last time you had a serious review of the health of your business? Would you go for years without a visit to the doctor? A business health check can give an insight into the items you should be working on and a great start to a strategic planning journey.

Ensure you have a healthy business.

Business Plan Development

The development of a business growth roadmap or a strategic business plan is the easiest approach to achieve real productivity in your business. It is also the task that is rarely successfully achieved internally. Identifying a 10% improvement in is a commonly achieved target.

Every $1m pa business should aim to add $100k to your bottom line every year.

Independent Facilitator

An independent strategy planning facilitator will ensure that the difficult questions are put on the table and addressed. If you are serious to address productivity or achieve change in your business a strategic approach is essential.

We even have an events team to provide the venue, catering as other services.

Business and Planning Workshop Examples

Business Health Check Workshops

We have worked with both individual businesses and industry associations to provide Health Checks for their staff and members. These can be held as a 2 or 4 hour session and highlight current and emerging issues that need to be addressed by the businesses.

Business Growth Roadmap

We have provided businesses with a seven step process to identify and deliver business growth. This included steps of clarity, learning, analysis, re-engineerings, involvement, transformation and yielding results.

Workshop Facilitations

We have provided independent facilitators and support staff for annual corporate workshops, strategic planning sessions and initiative identification sessions. The independent facilitator ensures all staff including the management team are fully involved in the sessions.