17 April 2012

Had a great @aimqld breakfast with @DanGregoryTII, ”the fat one off the Gruen Transfer” (his words) on leadership. http://wp.me/p2g64Q-V  @bettermanaged

My thoughts and takeaways included;

Dan talked about real leadership as opposed to leadership in the military or the old days! Staff, especially the creative are moody, wingy etc and can be hard to manage.

Dan’s model Gravity = attraction + alignment + engagement can give you a chance.

1-Mass Scale of influence (attraction)

1.1-Add meaning apart from money – Vision needed to fuel business – Risk it, only live once, do it – Everything to gain, else will lose
1.2- Lift your character – people Measure leaders by personal attributes not performance
1.3- support something big – Eg bob geldolf
1.4- challenge something big – Eg Aussie home loans – People will work for an idea
1.5- found a movement – Where people are after change – Based on business model – People work for nothing

2-Proximity (Alignment)

2.1- build communities – technologies helps us do this – Eg hardly working – Ideas pages to look like social network – Weight watches (I can’t lose weight but we can)- Eg croupon
2.2-Create Shared values – Men vs women – Create a cult – Open management- Strong – church model
2.3- add pressure – Don’t hide from issues, address it – We avoid conflict, but need to address it – Military bonding – Pressure situations form bonds, eg overnight work
2.4- Increase collaboration – Y Gen love it, rest don’t – SARS virus was solved by collaboration across the world as supposed to the AIDS researchers – Gaming community very collaborative
2.5- create an identity – IQ versus EQ – Why how what – the golden circle – Identify drives decisions – Apple has an identity

3-Velocity (engagement)

3.1-invoke certainty – Get rid of doubt – Leadership
3.2-Demonstrate decisiveness – Free people to act – Your responsibility to make decisions – “accept You lose, we win”
3.3 create autonomy – Shoot control freaks – Should be accountability
3.4- create passonability – Retweet – Pass on – Engage staff, their families and their friends – Need to be able to tell a story – Need a Busienss narrative

Random thoughts

Ask what story do you need to tell?
Some great leaders – John Simmon – Aussie Home Loans, Karen Wong – Coke
Good marketing decisions are made by CEO’s
Some leaders don’t see marketing as their role
Don’t be conservative

I discuss more about leadership in my blog, Are you the right person to grow your business? Check that out here.

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