Growing Up In Business With David P. Nixon

David P. Nixon is known as Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers for SMEs; he’s also author of the book, Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth.

Recently, David was interviewed by renowned television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. Initially, Amber queried David about his story in general and the success he’s had in his career.

An Unconventional Foundation

David said that he’d started his career as a civil engineer, which may come as a bit of a surprise to those who don’t normally see that as a pathway toward being a sought-after business guru. Working with many companies—getting larger as he worked with them—David ultimately wound up working with multinational corporations on multimillion-dollar projects.

Despite cutting his teeth and honing his expertise in the higher levels of business, David told Ms. Sherlock that he far preferred the environment and personal reward associated with working to help small businesses grow. “Then, you look at my father, whose run a small business all his life, and it becomes an easy decision to work with small businesses,” he said. David knew that having worked in the maelstrom of larger and multinational companies had given him a skill set that could dramatically benefit small businesses.

A Passion for Small Business… and Taking Notes

“Why did you decide to write the book?” Ms. Sherlock asked David, referencing Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth. “Who specifically is it for?

“I started writing this book 30 years ago,” David said almost whimsically. “Every time I’d see something new, or something that wasn’t right, I’d say, ‘I should add that into my book.'” David said that he knew how many people who were successful in business still struggled with getting to the next level of achievement or growth. He knew during the time that he was growing in his career, that he was developing a potent arsenal of wisdom and strategies that he could ultimately bring back to the small business arena, where he really enjoyed working. So, it’s those business owners and leaders that the book is for.

Sharing the Wisdom… and the Wealth

Ms. Sherlock asked David how, specifically, the book would make an impact on the reader and help them.

“A lot of founders and managing directors have been very successful in taking their businesses to where they are now, but they’re struggling to get to the next level,” David said. “They’re confused, and they don’t know why they’re stuck. What I’m helping them to do with this book is to get them to take a step back and look at their business from the outside to determine what their real issues are.”

In so doing, David says, they’re able to gain a more accurate perspective on their business and forge strategically-sound methods for moving forward effectively.