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Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth

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Discover The 10 Growth Roadblocks That Business
Owners Who Have Seen A Leveling-Off Must Know!

You’re long past the start-up phase and you have a good thing going with the organisation you’ve built, but it feels like you’ve hit a wall and instead of climbing a ladder. Whether it’s the inability to create a forward-looking culture of innovation within the company, not understanding how technology can best meet your goals or one of a thousand other reasons, know that you’re in good company—it happens to the best of them.

Sometimes it can be hard to get an accurate handle on the true state of your productivity and efficiency when you’re in a growth phase because the positives of getting more clients and achieving more business. With growth phase roadblocks, you can be left in a precarious situation if you haven’t been paying attention to how things have been evolving in your organisation.


This groundbreaking book will show you:

  • How to navigate the more elusive roadblocks that you need to overcome to move forward
  • How growth phases can actually be a dangerous time when it comes to the long-term health of a company
  • How to more effectively recognise, quantify and address inefficiencies in your organisation
  • The crucial differences between working AT your business and working ON your business
  • How to properly deploy your tools, technology and people whilst executing strategies

David Nixon is Australia’s Authority On Unleashing Growth Barriers For SMEs and has been helping organisations realise their potential for nearly 20 years. David has the skill and experience both as the owner of his own consulting business and as someone who has been around small businesses his entire life to help see you to the next level of growth.

David’s education goes back to when he was a small child. His family was a true bunch of entrepreneurs, having businesses in meat transport, sand extraction and buses and coaches, to name just a few.

When David went on to form his own consulting firm, Nixon Clarity, he worked with many government and private utility organisations, but also began branching out and working with start-ups, scale-ups and other small-to-medium size businesses. David found that to be the most rewarding work he had done in his professional career.

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“Establishing any new location for an existing business can be a difficult task. What works in the current location isn’t always transferable. David is a source of wisdom, who can look at an issue like this and bring his years of experience to the table.

David is generous with his time and expertise, always available to explore emerging problems with you.”

Tim O’Reilly

NSW General Manager, du Chateau Chun Pty Ltd

“As a founder, it can be difficult to pull my head out of the detail to provide good strategic direction for the business.

David’s ability to balance the needs of the now with the needs of the future has removed significant road blocks which have enabled controlled scale and effective growth.

David’s extensive experience across multiple industries provides a rarely seen value addition.”

Daniel Edge

Co-Founder and CEO, Compeat Nutrition Pty Ltd

“I turned to David during a slowing of my business. With David by my side I revigorated both myself and the business and am now taking it to new heights.

David has experience across a broad range of industries and has the unique ability to bring his experience to your challenge. Whilst he never claims to be an expert in my business, he continues to present expert solutions to my issues.”

Paul Milic

General Manager, <br />VIP Building Pty Ltd

“We worked with David to develop our path to market. He brought an understanding of the market well beyond our own.

Having a new SaaS solution, our focus had been aimed at ICT executives. After working with David, we realised we were missing our market, and our focus needed to move to asset and supply chain managers, who controlled the purse strings that we were aiming for.

David helped align our thinking, leading to our substantial success. He now sits on our advisory board, ensuring I have ongoing access to his counsel.”

Gavin Evan

Founder and CEO, ConnectiX Technologies Pty Ltd

Are your inefficiencies causing you to be stuck at the same level, or are they being hidden in a growth phase? Are you able to identify them?

You’ve probably been thinking about the different areas in which you think things could be fixed, but would you recognize it if your biggest problem was communication with key people in your company?

These questions may seem obscure, but its areas like these that, left unexamined, can keep a business owner—and their organisation—stuck. David’s success rate with clients is proven, and he’ll help you regain the momentum you need.

This breakthrough book answers questions like:

  • When is it time to take a step back and evaluate if you’re the best person to take the company to the next level?
  • Why does everybody within your organisation seem to work hard, but never be on the same page with stated goals and values?
  • Aside from you immediate competitors, how can you identify those “out of left field” disruptors that may enter your market?
  • If most of your revenue is dependent on a small number of clients, what can you do reduce risk and diversify?
  • How are you supposed to manage governance, risk and compliance if that’s never been part of your organisation’s culture?