Nothing Succeeds Like Success

“Can you take us through one or two success stories of clients that have followed your approach?” television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock asked David Nixon during a recent interview.

“I’ve got quite a few success stories,” David replied. “I’ve been working with an IT company now for a couple of years that’s come up with a very innovative asset management, outsourcing solution.”

This particular company’s executives were seeing all of the CIOs across the country and all of the IT people, but they couldn’t actually get any breakthrough. Then David started working with them.

“I should explain that when we’re talking with engineering companies, utilities, mining companies, it’s the operations people, it’s the asset management people,” David said. “They’re the ones making the decisions. They’re looking at the cost effectiveness of the business and try to look at a business improvements.

“So, we refocus this business and get them to start talking to different people in the businesses they’re prospecting. With that shift, they became successful with the businesses they were chasing to start with.”

“I’ve got another smaller business looking to double their size over a couple of years,” David says. “There were two founders in this business who were really struggling with how they actually operated. They couldn’t even identify what their business model was. We spent some time with them trying to define what their target market was, what resources they needed to bring to bear that would get them to grow to move forward. And they’ve actually been quite successful since then.”

David Nixon is Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers for SMEs and author of the book Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth.