GROWING UP! Unleash Your Business Growth

David Nixon is Australia’s Authority On Unleashing Growth Barriers For SMEs and has been helping organisations realise their potential for nearly 20 years. David has the skill and experience both as the owner of his own consulting business and as someone who has been around small businesses his entire life to help see you to the next level of growth.

You’re long past the start-up phase and you have a good thing going with the organisation you’ve built, but it feels like you’ve hit a wall and instead of climbing a ladder; you’re just running on a treadmill. It happens to the best of them, and David has seen it in all shapes and sizes of businesses throughout Australia.

Whether it’s the inability to create a forward-looking culture of innovation within the company, not understanding how technology can best meet your goals, a disconnect on understanding the real needs of your client base or one of a thousand other reasons, David has the proven ability to analyse the real issues and help develop a path to greater success.

In his new book, Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth David shares the 10 growth roadblocks that those business owners who have seen a leveling-off must know about in order to break through and achieve the success they know is possible. David explains each roadblock in easy-to-understand terms, mixing his experience with real-world examples.