Today I am reflecting on 14 years since I spent the night in a lifeboat with my mother and sister after hitting an iceberg. And sinking in the Antarctic. More about that story here (I hit an Iceberg, sunk and survived)

I relocated to Sydney around five years ago. I love the action and passion that comes with living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The beauty of the harbour, the bustle of Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Potts Point and the convenience of the city only 500m away.

Whilst COVID had stopped my Business Advisory and Consulting Business, Nixon Clarity, the reopening is looking promising. Bookings for facilitated workshops and business planning sessions are starting to pick up again.

The last COVID lockdown cost me dearly with Stormwater Sydney. The Government never understands that shutting down an industry, stops your income but not the expenses.  Worse still, it damages the confidence of your clients to book in future work.

Now that we are at 90% vaxxed in NSW, we are hopefully past that. The phones have started ringing again with Stratas who want maintenance on stormwater systems. Residents want dry backyards and developers want stormwater design plans. 


On a Positive Note

One good thing about having your business shut down is that you look for other opportunities. In July during lockdown, myself and a parter started Gerald and Rose. A digital marketing company, specialising in graphic design, websites, social media, and business support. The response has been great with some 7 staff currently onboard and several new clients. Don’t judge our website yet as it’s the next on the list to rebuild. (Gerald is Dad’s middle name and Rose is my partner’s Mother’s middle name, better than David and Colan)

On a community front, I have been a director of the Coalition for Conservation for the past 5 years. Advocating for better environmental outcomes in a politically charged world is interesting. Many of my friends don’t understand that you don’t need to convince everyone, you just need to move the centre.

We have worked with many conservative politicians to give them the support and coverage to make bold decisions. The NSW Government is now leading the way in addressing Climate Change. While the actions of the Federal Government have been disappointing, the acceptance of the Net Zero 2050 by Scott Morrison has moved the debate forward and locked in a point that we can move on from.

The recent COP21 conference was well represented by the C4C, we had sponsored 5 Directors and 7 Australian Conservative Politicians to participate in the conference.

On reflection the last couple of years have been hard, both financially and mentally but I only see good things moving forward. Now back to thinking of floating in an ocean on a boat, hopefully in the tropics with a cocktail and not with the icebergs.

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