I was asked the other day to tell a client what telematics referred to. Telematics refers to the monitoring and interaction with vehicles using GPS and onboard diagnostics. ConnectiX talks about “provide your organisation with live vehicle monitoring, both of your workforces as well as third parties. The provision of driver dashboards, route selection, compliance and behaviour monitoring can be essential to lower the risk to your business of outsourcing.”

To better understand telematics, we just need to look at its benefits. Within fleet management telematics can improve;

• Productivity – by providing monitoring, tracking, dispatching, reporting and routing tools.
• Safety – by providing behaviour monitoring, accident notifications, and in vehicle coaching.
• Optimisation – by providing vehicle monitoring, predictive maintenance, fuel management and diagnostics.
• Compliance – by provide trip logging, hours of use, log book replication and inspections.
• Integration – by linking with onboard camera, CRM and supply chain tools.

Outside of GPS monitoring, very little telematics is currently used outside the logistics industries. As it is an established technology, it can be easily applied to all industries with fleet and supply chain logistics.

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