The Best Advice

One of the questions put to David Nixon during an interview with television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News was what he would say was the single best piece of advice that he gives his clients.

“The single best piece of advice that I give my clients would be to stop and smell the roses,” David said. “Not to literally stop and smell the roses, but to take time out from your business, to look over your business—to work from outside your business and to actually see what’s going on.”

According to David, If one can’t take a step back from their business, their perspective will be skewed, and they’re never going to be in a position where they can reliably assess the state of their business and take the steps to improve that business or grow.

And when is the best time to take such steps?

“Christmas is a great time for many people in small businesses to look at their business,” David says, “because everyone’s got a little bit of time off during that time of year. At other times of the year, they never have time off, and therefore they don’t actually have that time to be able to step out of their business.”

David Nixon is Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers for SMEs and author of the book Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth.