The Greatest Success

In his book, Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth, David Nixon shares the 10 growth roadblocks that those in business who have seen a leveling-off must know to break through and achieve the success they know is possible.

Recently, David was interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. Among many of the questions Ms. Sherlock had for David was one addressing personal success apart from business success.

“What would you say is the most fulfilling part of what you do?” Ms. Sherlock asked.

“Success itself is very fulfilling,” David says. “It’s great to see a client move to the next level. It’s great to actually work with a client. You get to see them identify the growth barriers in their business, address them and succeed—then they move on to another level of success.”

So, David’s fulfillment comes as much from seeing his clients succeed as from the positive results, he’s generated himself (and of course, the financial payoff which we all enjoy).

“Yeah, they might be a $5 million business and they become a $10 million business,” David says. “It’s like having a new family member, and you put the effort into them, and over a period of time you see them grow and succeed. And to me that’s, that’s what success looks like.”

David Nixon is Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers for SMEs and author of the book Growing Up! Unleash Your Business Growth.