I have a friend who has just got back from Romania after attending a conference on storytelling. What has that got to do with the business you may ask? Isn’t that something you do with Children?

Storytelling is one of the many tools a leader needs to have in their toolkit. It is one of the most powerful ways of communicating a strategy or a new direction to our staff.

We have all had that one boss where we knew they were going to go into one of their stories. Something that happened in the past, something they or someone did, that either worked out well or was a complete failure.

The Story always has an outcome, “it’s a good reason to do this because, I remember….”, or alternatively, “it’s the reason we don’t do that”.

When the leader creates a series of stories that can be retold over and over again it engages us but all give us guidance on what they expect.

I remember well a previous organisation that knew the stories and values of the CEO so well that, the phase” Jude would do or not do that” was a common conversation. As leaders, we need to understand what message we are trying to communicate and the tools that we can use to communicate the messages.

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David Nixon is Director, Advisor, Author, and Entrepreneur and recognised as Australia’s Authority on Unleashing Growth Barriers For SME’s.