Supply chain collaboration is where more than one organisation collaborates with its supply chain to improve the delivery of the process. Many manufacturing organisations have had just in time manufacturing and delivery in place for many years.

Due to the complexity of the systems required, this has been restricted to large organisations. With the development of cloud computing and SaaS, these technologies are available to all. These developments are referred to as SupplyTech.

ConnectiX Technolgies has identified savings of 28% in operations and maintenance outsourcing and identified the benefits as;

  • “Productivity / Operational efficiencies: streamline and automate data sharing, remove double input, integrate into internal systems, and increase efficiency and substantially decrease operational costs;
  • Transparency / Visibility: push all required information for a project to the contractor, and track progress and data capture;
  • Compliance: include regulatory requirements, compliance and licensing verification, and send them across the supply chain, and capture and measure compliance automatically.”

“Whether your workforce is entirely internal or a hybrid including service organisations and subcontractors, the ConnectiX Outsourced Integration Solution can help you perform more work at less cost with enhanced visibility and HSE compliance.”


Have you heard about telematics? If not, check out my article about that here.


SupplyTech is new to the water industry, but with low outlay, easy exit and high returns the take up is likely to be quick.

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