24 March 2017

I watched with amusement last week as the WestConnex project in Sydney hit the news. Bikie gangs are involved and are providing transport services to the projects. Apparently, there is more money in dump trucks than drugs. The Minster Stuart Ayres, the police, government and drug users are not happy.

As the story goes, there are unlicensed drivers, faulty trucks, illegal dumping and drug-affected drivers on the project and there is nothing the companies or governments can do to manage it.

But there is: you manage your supply chain and you don’t require millions to do it.

Imagine, self-registration of trucks and drivers, independent of who they work for. Recording and management of drug tests, truck inspections, and WHS forms. Full tracking of allocation, pick up, route selection and disposal of material. Let’s throw in invoice and assets management to make it usable to every organisation.

Then think that this information can be accessed, live and seamlessly by the drivers, their employers, the managing contractors, the client, work cover and the police, all within their current IT systems.

The cost of this being less than $2 per load and could be up and running in weeks.

It’s called ConnectiX.

This type of system has been in place for years and is used by firms such as Lion, Fonterra, Harvey Norman and Sydney Water to name a few. The system has been developed with Commonwealth Government funds and is backed by IBM and Telstra.

So easy to fix, yet it looks like the bikies will remain profitable in our risk-averse world.

Disclosure: I provide advisory services to www.connectix.com.au

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